Friday, September 26, 2008

Out Of This World - Speedpainting

Yet another speedpainting (I'm on a roll! :). This one was done without any references, which I'm very proud of (my previous portraits were fairly highly referenced). I had a lot of fun with this piece, and I might repaint this as a 'full' painting in the future. 1 hour, Photoshop.

EDIT: Worked on it for 1 more hour, looks much, much better me thinks :)


Dona said...

She's very nice, I like the colours and overall atmosphere :)

I'm glad you didn't use a reference this time, as I think you relied on those a wee bit too much in the past. Your technical skills are top notch and it would be sad to see them wasted on directly referenced stuff.

Now, paint more :P

CG Addict said...

Hi Dona,

Thanks for your comments. I definitely agree with you regarding the whole reference thing; The thing with me was that I was using references as crutches, obsessed with recreating it exactly as I saw it (I've always been like that, unfortunately). I thought that the more I made it look like the reference, the stronger the piece would be.

Needless to say, I no longer think that; It's pretty pointless actually, and I find it really hurts my creativity, so I'll only be using references to help me out in regards to creating some dynamic lightning situations.

Sorry for the long reply, just had to get that off my chest :D

Dona said...

You're welcome :)

I noticed that earlier, but felt kind stupid saying it because the whole DRAMA thing was going on and I feared I'd end up sound bitchy or something.

Your decision is a good one. Reference is always good to have, but direct copies are, er, not.

Haha, I'm kind of happy now. I can't wait what you can come up with next, as your skills are pretty neat right now ;)

CG Addict said...

Hey Dona,

You should never be afraid to post your opinion (I'm not one to be easily offended, and I prefer the most harsh criticisms in regards to my work).

As for the whole reference thing, the most realistic works are very highly referenced, but photo realism doesn't interest me at all these days.

Although I can easily replicate what I see without taking any 'shortcuts' on both digital and traditional canvas, the whole process feels pointless to me now. In fact, it's too easy and it feels like a brainless task.

With that said, I'm definitely going for a more stylized look now; I dropped the use of the grid several months ago, and I feel much more 'free' in regards to my work (using references heavily hinders ones creativity greatly, I think).

Sorry again for the long comment, lol, but I'm glad to hear you like the direction of where I'm going in regards to my artwork :)

Kind regards,

*goes back to painting :D

Dona said...


I am never afraid to say what I think (you'll always get honest opinions from me), but that just didn't seem like the right time. And after that your galleries were a bit hard to track down. :)

Gabriel Yanagihara said...

Just thought I'd drop a comment saying that I like your work and you're discoveries are quite insightful to me as a budding new media artist.

(such as the use of reference photos for help with lighting, but how they might stipple creativity a bit)

Very nice reads and I look forward to seeing any future work you post!

CG Addict said...

Dona: Thank you; I always appreciate honest feedback, so I look forward to hearing more from you in the future :)

Gabriel: Thank you, I appreciate that. I'm glad you find my comments insightful :D