Thursday, April 16, 2009

Dancing With The Devil

This piece was commissioned over a year ago, and I had much fun, and frustration, in creating it. I don't usually experiment much with a dark theme, so this was a fun change from the norm. I was asked to do something very Tim Burton-ish, whom I'm a huge fan of, and what you see here is the result.

I wanted the composition to be simple, concentrating on atmosphere above all else, so I decided to keep everything pretty much empty. The more elements I tried to add, the more the atmosphere suffered. I learned with this piece, specifically how to create rainy effects and enhancing atmosphere. I kept the color theme simple and generally cool to add to the atmosphere as well.


SEZAZU said...

This one turned out beautiful! Sometime shaving to keep it simple is a good chance to explore what we are really capapble of.
And I must say that I really like your dark themes!

- Azu

CG Addict said...

Hi Anne,

Thank you :) The simplicity worked very well for this piece, because it added to the 'empty' feeling. I'm glad you dig the dark themes, I plan to explore more of it in the future, as I had much fun with this one :)


Shreya said...

Very different from your other works, but I love this direction. Simple and beautiful play of textures.