Saturday, February 27, 2010


This is my contest entry for 'Photo Reference For Comic Artist's' contest, in which they asked to paint a DC comic book character based on one of their photo references. I wanted to paint something iconic, so I went with Superman and chose a fairly straight forward pose. My goal with this image was to push the details as far as possible. I spent quite some time creating several brushes for this piece, such as the cloth texture, skin pores, etc. I feel this really helped bring the image to life, and I'm pretty satisfied with the results as well. Thanks for looking!

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Yeah! I'd say you have a winner here. You stated that you created new brush textures for the project...That is something I never got into with Adobe. I just use the brushes that come with the program. I guess I still have a lot to

Wakas Mir said...

Absolutely stunning work :)