Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Skin Tone Practice

This painting was completed in a couple of hours, and was mostly done to practice painting skin tones. I decided to use colors than I normally shy away from with this one, and learned a lot about how colors work in the process. I'll definitely be doing more exercises like this, as they're very beneficial for me - both for skin tones as well as how to handle faces/portraits in general.


Hüseyin BACALAN said...

Hi George! great piece again ;)... i have a question about realistic paintig tecnique :) done, firstly which i must use PS brush style? (soft or sharp, circle type or different anyone type) i need some tip from you. Please brief me :) thank you!

CG Addict said...

Hi Huseyin,

Glad you like the image! As for painting in a realistic manner, the trick is using a combination of both the standard hard edged brushes and soft edged brushes.

For every painting I do, I start by blocking in the forms and the values exclusively with a hard edged brush, and then I soften out all the brushwork with a soft airbrush.

Hope this helps!

Hüseyin BACALAN said...

Thank you so much! it's really helpful tips. I'll try this :)