Sunday, July 1, 2012

Persephone (revised)

I had a chance to revisit this painting, and I heavily revised it.  Among the changes I made was strong lighting, as well as reworking the environment significantly to give it much more depth.  Overall I'm very satisfied with how this piece turned out, and I consider it one of my strongest works.


I created this image in order to practice painting drapery, which I view as a challenge. Greek Mythology inspires me heavily as well, so I wanted to show that with this image. Persephone's story mainly evolves her abduction from the Earth realm, to the Underworld, courtesy of Hades. This image deals with that concept (albeit a bit subtly). The figure's pose was referenced from Lockstock as well, who has some great fantasy themed stock photography.

An older version of this image was included in Advanced Photoshop Magazine as well.

Statue Studies

I'm continuing my studies on painting heads, so I decided to do some speedpaints of various statue studies, which is a huge help in helping me further understand the forms and anatomy of the human head.