Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Sonya Blade

This is a portrait of Sonya from the Mortal Kombat games.  I basically mixed several incarnations of her to create this painting, and made sure she looked feminine while also tough looking at the same time, which was a bit tricky... But I believe I found a good balance.  The angle of the face was difficult to pull off, even with a reference, but it was definitely worth it I'd say as I learned quite a bit.  The eyes we're the most difficult aspect of this image to paint due to the angle, and I had to adjust them several times during the painting process to get it right, but I thing I managed them well.  Special thanks to Reid Southen for his feedback as well.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Liu Kang

This is a portrait of Liu Kang from Mortal Kombat.  I'm a huge fan of the games so this was a lot of fun to paint;  I plan on doing a bunch of paintings based on the main characters as well.  This painting is also a tribute to Bruce Lee, who I find very inspirational and whom the 'Liu Kang' character is based on as well.  For reference I looked at some pics of Bruce Lee and the actor from the first film, as well as some photos of hands to help make this as realistic as possible.  Overall I'm very satisfied with how this piece turned out. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Two Face

This is a portrait of the classic Batman villain.  Finally had some free time to paint something I wanted which was a welcome change of pace, as I had envisioned this image in my head for quite some time.  The look I was going for was basically a combination of all the character's appearances, from the comic books to his appearance in 'The Dark Knight'.  I wanted to go all out with the detail on this one as well, especially with his burned face which was easily the most challenging element of this painting.  Overall I'm quite satisfied with how this turned out!

If you'd like to see the 'Making Of' this painting, you can check out a tutorial here.