Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Portrait of Medusa. I really wanted to go all out on this one and give it 100%, playing up the details as much as possible.  I also put a lot of effort into the environment, trying to achieve as much of a rich and luxurious feel as possible.  The eyes were the most difficult element to paint, as I wanted them to really pop out and have a very unique feel;  I ended up repainting them several times before I was finally satisfied with the results.  Overall I'm quite pleased with this image, and I plan to Illustrate many more paintings with the theme of Greek Mythology, which appeals to me greatly.  The pose and design of the snake we're referenced as well.


Hana A said...

wow you painted that!!!!! its amazing!!!I hope that if I become an artist ill be as good as u!!!

Joe Van Seeters said...

Wow. That is absolutely incredible. You are a very talented artist. The detail on this portrait is one of the most beautiful I have ever seen. Very meticulously detailed and Medusa herself is (although deadly) extemely beautiful in her own right. The details in the eyes are haunting with the snake like appearance. Very well conceived and very well done. Should they ever make a "CG" movie and need a Medusa, they should use this image as their inspiration. Great work.